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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kick-starting My Muse by Gracen Miller

I’ve had it!  *plants inconspicuous bombs around my prickly muse* Consider this <i>war</i>, buddy-boy!  WAR!!!  Think you can keep me from writing? Think again! Even if it is gobble-d-goop, I’m still going to write without you!  *mumbles about the fickleness of muses*  
With a recent run of bad luck lately, instead of DM (an anagram for the name of my muse) going on a temporary vacation, I do believe he’s retired instead.  As I lay siege to DM’s iron-clad fortress known as writer’s block, I thought I’d contemplate a few ways that would cajole him back to his post and help me write.  Here are my five favorite bribes…erm...enticements to encourage him to return to his job: 

5 – Chocolate!  Chocolate cures all in large quantities, right? LOL  Well, it should!  *pouts over the injustice of life*  Unfortunately, I’ve gone on the B12 shots to help me drop a few pounds (honestly, quite a bit more than a “few pounds”) since diet and exercise haven’t worked, but only kept me stalled at the same weight for a year so that my cardiologist could fuss at my yearly checkup.  And now that I’ve eliminated 13 pounds in 4 weeks, I have no desire to splurge in my favorite pastime—eating chocolate.  Strangely, I haven’t even craved the stuff.  Hmm…ponders the disturbing thought that the real me has been transplanted by aliens with a cloned me. ;-)  Or maybe, the B12 shots hardwire your brain for healthy food!  *blink, blink*

4 – A weekend (or a week, whichever is needed…most likely a week is on the agenda) <i><b>alone</i></b>, without drama, family chatter, housework, taxiing sons between sporting practices, and juggling paralegal work!  Just a weekend (or week) to rest, relax and reboot my brain so that it can process all the stuff the muse normally throws at it.  Being a realist, I realize that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  I leave for vacation with my family soon, so I’m stressing pretty big.  Yikes!  Too much to get done before the vacation trip!!  And then when the vacation starts, there won’t be any alone time forthcoming until school starts up in August.  *whimpers at the feeling of muse doom* 

3 – Taking a defibrillator to DM’s cold, cruel, fickle heart!  *shudders*  Yeah, not a good option for the obvious reason that DM is in <i><b>my</i></b> head!  

2 – Meditating!  Actually, this is probably the best idea yet.  My meditation is informal, but it does help spark DM into action.  When I meditate, I pick the storyline I want to focus on, crawl beneath the covers of my bed and let the world drop away as the focal point transitions into a stream of information and ideas.  Sometimes I’ll hover in limbo between waking and sleep, BUT it always works!  And, best of all, it doesn’t require chocolate, a weekend of aloneness or painful electrical shocks!   

1 – Telling DM I will write whatever he wants without any interference or complaints on my end!  LOL  That should perk him up fast since we war often over the direction of a storyline.  A dangerous promise though. :-/  But one, I’m almost willing to make if DM will return to me and permanently remove ‘grumpy me’ from existence!

So, tell me what’s your cure all for a muse hiatus?  Or are you one of the lucky ones that doesn’t suffer from writer’s block? 
Thanks for letting me join you today, Rie!  Now, everyone go kick-start your muse into writing! 

Title: Elfin Blood
Author: Gracen Miller
Author Website
Buy Link
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic/Romance

Blurb: Scorned by her own kind for her half-breed elf status, Julija lives a lonely existence among her Ivory Elf kin. She is the only one the elves can trust when a magical book on elf lore is stolen. Relegated to steal the Book from the vampire thief, Landau Jamieson, she's surprised to discover he has the ability to walk in daylight. Refusing to be deterred by developing setbacks, she’s committed to executing the heist for an Ivory King who grows more desperate to possess the Book. Nothing about the vampire is as it appears and Julija begins to doubt her mission. Worse, she begins to worry she won't have the strength to guard her heart from her sworn enemy.

Landau is fascinated by the elf stalking him and baffled by the erotic hunger she elicits in him. After all, he’s been impotent for ten thousand years. Soon he discovers the lovely sprite is a pawn in a dangerous game—orchestrated by none other than a reviled enemy from his past. She blind-sides him with her beauty and her magical powers, the least of which is the spell she casts on his heart, as the sinister plot unfolds. What started out as folly to catch a thief, blossoms into a love that casts aside bloodlines and erases all boundaries.


  1. Not exactly a cure for writer's block, but I find that putting on some lively classical music and cycling on the exercise bike to its tempo, really helps to engage my mind in 'thinking' mode. Visualising myself cycling through the countryside with the wind sailing through my hair, seems to lift me to another plane mentally and a lot of issues can become much clearer.
    Great blog, Gracen
    Megan Johns

  2. Great ideas for waking up the Muse, Gracen. A lot of my ideas come late at night or early in the morning when I'm in bed. So maybe the meditation thing is a good idea - relaxing the brain waves to help the ideas come. I'll try it. Congrats on dropping the lbs. So hard to do with chocolate in the world. Also I still love Elfin Blood :)

  3. Hi, Megan. I can see how cycling and visualing the wind in your hair works. Something about getting the blood pumping through my heart while on the elliptical kick-starts my creative juices too.

    Hey, Erika. When my muse is chatty, he'll keep me awake at night with dialogue and plot lines, so I sympathize! But, I think it all goes back to dumping the daily drama and relaxing the brain waves. Thanks, Erika, Elfin Blood is dear to me as well. =)

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by and giving me your thoughts. Sorry I was so slow to answer. I've been on vacation since May 28th and have just returned today!